Searching For Sea Sunshine

& Something More

Hi & welcome..... have a lil read & enjoy a good scroll.

Straight out of Edinburgh.

I am now a 24 year old Scottish immigrant (I guess)..... Currently living in Australia.

I enjoy working in a creative environment, living amongst international cultures, whilst discovering & experiencing new challenges.

To do this I decided it was time to leave my beautiful home town (or rather home city).... of Edinburgh in Scotland, and move across the world. 

Straight on through to Sydney.

Yes that was a Finding Nemo reference. (Don't worry if you didn't get that one, there will be one in here for you somewhere). 

As much as I love Scotland it was time to leave & try somewhere new. So I am here in Australia searching for sun, sea and something more then I had before.

To start with I want to share my stories with you through all my very many photographs. You will find my Instagram account below, with all of the highs (all that Instagram is good for). Snapshots of the best bits I have captured in time & on screen so (for me at least) they can never be lost or forgotten. It does not show the the whole picture but its a start. So here are my highlights so far. Click the button if you want some more...

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 20.24.28.png

Lauren Macrae

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